The Impatient Programmer's Guide to JavaScript

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Have you been wanting to learn JavaScript?

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The Impatient Programmer's Guide to JavaScript is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript quickly and efficiently.

This book is designed for programmers who want to jump right into JavaScript without spending hours reading lengthy documentation or watching online tutorials. The book is great for beginners. We'll cover strings, numbers, objects, functions, the DOM, and so much more throughout the book. You can use it as a complete learning resource, or as a reference for other courses or books.

You will also have access to 5 simple DOM-Based projects. Get ready to learn JavaScript in a fun and engaging way with this 91 page book! You'll also have access to the Discord community, where you will be able to ask me any question you'd like!

Happy hacking!

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The Impatient Programmer's Guide to JavaScript

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